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Muyang Launched New Brand Industry Chain - FAMSUN

Muyang Launched New Brand Industry Chain - FAMSUN

On May 18th, China 12th Livestock Exposition was held in Qingdao which was the most internationally influential industry event attracting large of manufacturers who showed their new products, new technologies and hunted for new opportunities.

In the exposition, Muyang, the largest feed manufacturer, showed its new brand industry chain – FAMSUN which was original from famous, farm, family, sun. In 2014, Muyang had been extended its products from feed machinery to the full industry chain including farming, grain, oil and food which could provide its customers with new solution in a green healthy way.

In the 21st century, China feed industry has gradually begun after experiencing a golden age and there happened many new enterprises like New Hope Group, Tangrenshen Group and other large enterprises which have adopted self-constrcution, merger and acquisition to complete industry consolidation. Then Muyang’s full industry chain was strategy emerged.

Muyang president Fan has pointed that “Famous is our goal: To bulid a world-class brand”. China feed industry started late, although the prodction has surpassed US becoming the first one around the world, its technology application level and independent innovation still have great gaps. Over the years, Muyang has carried out in-depth cooperation with China Agricultural University, Nanjing University, Jiangnan University, Wuhan University, Kansas State University, the National Food Authority Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other research institutes, and been approved to construct National Feed Processing Engineering Technology Research Center. Muyang now has established Institutes in Denmark and the United States, developing a program of technical innovation with total 1.25 billion yuan. Muyang currently has nearly 700 national patents and among them, the new material puffed slowly sink technology and multi- fiber ultrafine grinding technology have attained great success.

"Farm, family, sun” shows that we should provide a dedicated service to the whole industry chain, and realize seamless butt joint from pastoral to the table and standardized management.

Chinese feed industry is experiencing the great change from low efficiency and retail business to modernization, mechanization, large-scale and integration. According to statistics, there was just 62 sets of feed machinery which can produce only 10 tons per hour, but in 2011 it reached 869 sets, 14 times than in 1997. In 1991, the national average yield scale was only 2,900 tons, while in 2011 it was 16,500 tons, improve 469%. The rapid development of feed industry also contributed to the integration of upstream farming, midstream animal husbandry and downstream processing industry.

Muyang has been a leading feed machinery manufacture for many years with advantages of technology, customers, channels and capital accumulation, and it was easily recognized by the market as its upstream and downstream feed machinery manufacturing and to integrate amplification effect.

In this exhibition, Muyang exhibited its full range of livestock products including pig series of field systems, material tower equipment, environmental control systems, feed delivery system, chicken broiler cage series of stacked devices, stacked equipment, brood rearing laying hens equipment, poultry rearing polishing machine, chain feeding, and other steel structures. All of them would boost off China's livestock industry and help customers to create a system value.

From MUYANG to FAMSUN, Muyang has reflected that the Chinese agriculture, especially livestock operations have made great changes from tradition to modernization. When it appears more enterprises like Muyang, Chinese agriculture would face the challanges "from pastoral to table" and get a higher level in sustainable development.


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