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Fighting COVID-19: We are all together


FAMSUN supports overseas employees, customers and partners with 80,000 masks from China

Anti-epidemic assistance is an important part of international cooperation. As a China-based, multinational company, FAMSUN follows Chinese government's initiative of "strengthen confidence, act with unity and work together in a collective response" and is ready to help more friends in those countries that hit hard by the outbreak.

According to the company, it has mailed 132 express packages of approved anti-epidemic materials via DHL and SF Express to its overseas offices, the offices of its customers and partners and their homes in over 40 countries since mid-March. The anti-epidemic materials included N95 masks, disposable surgical masks and disposable medical masks with a total number close to 80,000.

"We hope these masks can help our overseas employees, customers, partners, and their families, employees and businesses keep safe and health through this challenging period." said Greg Liu, Director and President of FAMSUN International. 

As a responsible multinational company, FAMSUN has participated in anti-epidemic aid in various forms. Besides mailing masks directly to support its employees, customers and partners, the company also made donations through governmental organizations and NGOs to protect the doctors, nurses and volunteers who fight against the epidemic on the front line.

"Global agri-food industry is a big community with a share future." Greg said. "We should stand together, help each other, and stabilize supply to ensure the industry continue to play its role of feeding the world at this trying time." He also said that FAMSUN will continue to provide assistance to its friends in other countries within its abilities. 


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