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Home >> Storage Silo provides you with big plans on steel silo. And our grain silo plan has three mian types with Assembly Type Steel Silo, Spiral Steel Silo and Thermal Insulation Silo. So, if you want to get your own career, take action now and you would not regret.


FAMSUN Storage Silo Solution


Famsun has more than 40 years of engineering experience and silo storage expertise, specializing in material storage technology research and development, design, installation and service. Famsun has designed and constructed for many customers worldwide more than 5,000 spiral steel silo, corrugated fabricated steel silo, insulation warehouse project. Famsun is the biggest and comprehensive storage engineering services provider in Asia with the largest capacity scale, most silo numbers and the largest single silo capacity. Famsun storage engineering solution has the following advantages:

● Advanced technology

Famsun prefabricated corrugated steel silo using a full U.S. latest manufacturing technology and equipment, equipped with the most advanced computer system that provides users with 10 to 16,800 tons of different models of flat, conical bottom, fluidizing material and porous material discharging, its unique in China.
Famsun spiral steel silo use a full set of equipment and techniques from Europe, providing users with 50 to 7000 tons of different models of flat, conical bottom, fluidizing material and porous materials discharging, stable performance.
Famsun is one of the few suppliers in the world providing a single silo capacity of more than 10,000 tons.


● Integrated solutions and turnkey services

Famsun provides customers with turnkey projects ranging from technology process, civil engineering design, automation control systems to improved transportation, cleaning, magnetic separation, metering, drying,fumigation, refrigeration, ventilation, dust, temperature, humidity and other measuring equipment manufacturing, installation , commissioning and personnel training.

√ Provide customers with the conveyor, cleaning, dusting and a full set of electronic control equipment, turnkey projects, strong matching and supporting.

√ Offer customers all aspects of design and technical support such as process design, civil engineering designand electronic control design, outstanding technical advantages.

● The widest industry application and most experienced

√ Single silo with capacity 10,000 tons (including the above) has been built hundreds, experienced.
√ Take the lead in the industry sales in consecutive years
√ Silos are widely used in food, oil, port, corn deep processing, flour, brewing, chemical, feed, building materials and environmental protection industry, well selling to nearly 100 countries and regions in the world like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Thailand, India, Japan, United States, Malaysia with more than 5,000 projects totally.

√ Famous clients include Louis Dreyfus, Taiwan Dacheng, Thailand Chia Tai Group, CJ, DBN, BUGNE, grain storage, COFCO, China Shipping grain, Yanjing Beer, Snow Beer, Suntory, Tsingtao Brewery, Yihai.

1 .Main storage products and solutions

(1) Prefabricated steel silo

Famsun fabricated storage silo construction technology is the world's most advanced in steel silo construction. The type of silo is widely used in Europe and the United States with the highest share in the field of steel silo. Famsun produces silos in all molds to avoid human factors, so it features high quality and stability, and thanks to mold production, assembled on-site, there is no damage in zinc coating. The fabricated steel silo wall connects with stiffener by high strength bolts, so it functions dismounting.

Famsun fabricated steel silo advantages are as follows:

√ Big storage capacity
35 degrees angle in the top silo corners, more storage space. Single storage capacity up to 17,000 tons, fully furnished, to meet different needs of customers.

√ High accuracy

fully used U.S. equipment and technology, ensuring accuracy and reduce the zinc surface destruction;.

√ Less residue

Reinforcing rib can be external, reducing the grain residue in silo wall.

√ The silo can be demounted and transferred

With standardized production molds, the parts feature high degree of standardization, interchangeability, and can be partially replaced or overall shifted.


(2) Spiral steel silo

Famsun spiral steel silo advantages are as follows:

√ Good sealing performance
√ Five-story spiral curling seams using very tight, airtight performance.

Spiral ribs occlusal silo crimping process schematic

The silo can be fumigation silo and can also store cement and other building materials embedded spiral curling bite mouth sealant, store sewage and other liquid materials.
√ Small space occupied
Height and diameter can be arbitrarily selected within a wide range, the minimum distance between two silos can be 500mm, full use of space, reducing floor area;Long life;Best selection ratio of silo sheet material, the normal life of 20-25 years or even longer.
√ Short construction period
Spiral silo is constructed on the site, high degree of mechanization, short duration.

(3) Insulation silo

Famsun insulation silo advantages are as followings:

√ Heat insulation
Silo inner grain temperature gradient changing slower than that of outside , not easy to condense
√ Safe grain storage
Store grain at low temperature, increase food storage stability, maintaining food quality and extend the safe storage time.
√ Low cost
For insulation silo, the insulation external wall is equipped with insulation layer (polyurethane foam, rubber foam, fiberglass, etc.), as compared with the concrete silo, low construction cost.

Famsun is the world's leading overall storage facilities and engineering solutions provider, in addition to providing steel silo, spiral silo and insulation silo, but also providing a comprehensive package of equipment and systems, including transportation equipment, drying equipment, as well as providing the overall design, construction , integration services.

2. Conveying equipment and systems
Famsun conveyling equipment and systems including:

(1) Famsun TDTG series bucket elevator
(2) Famsun TDSG series of belt conveyors
(3) Famsun TDSQ series belt conveyor
(4) Suction separator
(5) Famsun TGSS series buried scraper conveyor
(6) Famsun spiral conveyor
(7) Double-circle cylindrical precleaner
(8) TBLM series of high pressure cylinder pulse bag filter
(9) Famsun spiral clearance conveyor
(10) Famsun hydraulic press machines

3. Drying equipment and systems
(1) large-scale continuous drying tower

(2) Small batch cycle Dryer

Famsun silo engineering solutions have been widely used in the world and widely praised by customers.

"The construction of Qingdao Xing Hua Grain silo project has now been completed successfully and it has been properly put to use, thanks to your company. ... very good performance, our top leaders speak highly acclaimed and praised. .. Not only improve the overall progress of the construction, for the Division I win the production time, but also benefit for the Famsun Group, establishment of a good corporate image. Hopes to cooperate again! "
        ------ Qingdao Xing Hua Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

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