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FAMSUN Donates 600,000 Yuan to Support Hubei Fight CoV

FAMSUN announced a donation of 600,000 Yuan to Hubei Charity Federation on January 27 to support Wuhan and other affected communities to fight coronavirus (CoV) outbreak.

“Medical teams , volunteers, construction workers of Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, and those people who are working to give aid in the epicenter of the outbreak are respectable,” a representative from FAMSUN said. “We hope FAMSUN’s donation can provide supports, relief and aid to them and the affected communities in Hubei Province, and we believe everything will be fine as soon as possible.”

“At FAMSUN, the safety and well-being of employees is our top priority,” the representative emphasized. According to the company, all FAMSUN employees in China are safe currently. They will stay at home for the Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival holidays till Feb. 9, in alignment with local government’s guidance. FAMSUN will provide flexible work options for their employees in China after that. Some of them will be asked to work from home. The company also will take  thoughtful precautions and protective measures for those back to offices from Feb. 10.

According to the company, its overseas operations have not been impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus due to the “global presence, local operation”management system. In fact, FAMSUN’s overseas offices and plants execute strictly according to local legal holidays, and its multinational employees and Chinese employees who work overseas are all available in business currently.  

FAMSUN does not expect the virus to impact its business. “We have sufficient material inventory to meet the order intake and are working closely with our local and global suppliers and partners to ensure a steady supply of products, projects and services,” the company said.


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