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1.Register Guide
2.Conditions to be our Registered users
3.Difference between users
4.Why become Machineryshops authenticated user?
5.Related register fees

1. Register Guide

Customers visit or our WeChat "hemu clouds", fill in complete personal and enterprise information to register as our authenticated user. Then users can purchase our leading brands original products online and get the best service of Machineryshops. Following are detailed register process.

2.Conditions to be our registered users

Registered users of Machineryshops should be the company, legal person or part of self-employed which have ability to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Registered users can upgrade as authenticate users after authentication process.

3.Difference between users

Machineryshops users are classified into authenticated users and unauthenticated users. Users only filling in basic information belong to unauthenticated users. Users filling in complete information and passing through reviews belong to authenticated users.

4. Why registered as Machineryshops authenticated user?

Authenticated users can get more additional services:

1) Open price viewing permission, users can view the true prices of our products.
2) 100% original factory supply, quality assured
3) one key order, enjoy favorable price, saving your cost.
4) casual coupons, promotion notifications and Member integral service
5) get more technical training, production guidance, expert advice, fast response and other value-added services
6) users with good trade reputation can enjoy supply chain financing, supply chain depth collaboration and other VIP service

5.Related register fees

No related fees, both authenticated user and unauthenticated user, Machineryshops will not charge any management fees, trading fees or membership fees.


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