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FAMSUN introduces feed mill biosecurity solutions

Stabilizing agri-food production and guaranteeing food supply are all the more necessary in the face of risks and challenges. FAMSUN recently rolled out biocecurity solutions to help feed mills keep feed safety and maintain stable production and operation amid African Swine Fever and Novel Coronavirus.

"From ASF to Cov, biological threats are the most badly challenges we have to face now," FAMSUN said. "And they will not be the last bio-insecurity events. Feed mills must prepare in advance to avoid potential bio-insecurity risks in future."

Reasonable function zone design is the prerequisite for a comprehensive and strict bio-security system. According to the company, necessary re-design and small renovation of the functional zones can smooth the flows of transport, people, feed ingredients and air in the feed mill, facilitate the implementation of disinfection from zone to zone, prevent cross infection and improve operational efficiency as well.

FAMSUN's biosecurity solutions also include new air system for production workshops, feed disinfection equipment, and effective disinfection and protection guidelines based on China's experience from fighting ASF and novel coronavirus. Among others, the new air system, with rain- and insect- proof measures, is germs-filtering level and can provide operators pure, safe fresh air. While FAMSUN feed disinfection equipment such as the retentioner, which is widely installed in Chinese feed mills since the outbreak of ASF, can cook feed in a constant high-temperature disinfection environment (temperature>85℃, retention time>120s) before pelleting, and ensure feed product clean of any virus and bacteria.

Only with fewer investment in the infrastructure and hardware, FAMSUN can upgrade your feed mill to reach bio-security readiness. FAMSUN also said it will include biosecurity into its new feed mill design and provide flexible options for producers to define the biosecurity of their plants.



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