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How To Buy

Honored customer, Muyang provides you with a variety of convenient, flexible, and rapid buying way and you can select as you like. The main ways include:

 First way: You can select your favorite mode of communication (such as website online consultation, QQ, Wechat, phone, email, fax, etc.) to ask us for information, negotiate with us and then sign a written contract. You can pay by T/T or make a down payment by TT and pay the balance by L / C.

 Second way: You can also buy online with directly selecting product as required on the website and placing an order. Please do not hesitate to consult and communicate with us at any time when you place an order. You can pay online (small amount order) or pay by T/T or make a down payment by TT and pay the balance by L / C.

First way: traditional way to buy

Once you place an order, we will provide Muyang beneficiary bank account for you. Please arrange your payment to our bank account.

Second way: Guide for buying online

Step 1.
Become a member

Step 2.
Select products & spare parts

Step 3.
Make inquiries or Place orders

Step 4.

Step 5.
Receive products and service


Register >>
How to select spare parts >>
If price tag is stapled on the product, you can directly add it to cart >>
If there is no price tag on the product, please click on "add to inquiry basket" button >>
Check the order status, customer service will verify the order and make quotation >>
Submit your order and make payment >>
Other notes >>



1. Click "Register" button

2. Fill in your information

3. Check your email and complete the registration

4. Open your email to confirm


Select spare parts

5. According to the spare parts on display, select the ID number of spare parts you would like to buy, click the "check box" behind ID to record spare parts temporarily.


Buying patterns with marked price

6. After finishing selection of product model and commodity property, if there display prices, you can directly click "Add to Cart" to make the purchase.

7. Fill in quantity of your required products, after checking and verifying that nothing is wrong, click "Checkout".

8. When order is created, please fill in your details.

9. When you finish your shopping, our customer service will check and verify it and contact you ASAP.


Buying patterns without market price

10. If the product you select shows no price, please click on "add to inquiry basket" button.

11. Check the products you enquire, click "make an inquiry now".

12. Please fill in your personal information so that our customer service can reply to your inquiry promptly.

13. After you finish making inquiry, our customer service will give you timely reply.


Order Inquiries

14. Check order details status, including product price, logistics price.

Payment Method

15.  When the order is verified, the payment option will be displayed. Click "To Pay" button.

16.  When the order is verified,the payment option will be displayed. Click "To Pay" button.

Other Notes

Our website order is determined as an implied contract. If you need a formal contact, please feel free to contact our customer service to have access to contract files.


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