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A Message from FAMSUN International

Dear customers, colleagues, and business partners,

On behavior of FAMSUN International, I hope you and your loved ones healthy and safe. In the past few months, the novel coronavirus has wrought havoc in almost all countries and regions, overwhelmed even the most advanced public health systems, threaten the life of all people around the world, and hit the business hard in our agri-food industry.

All links in our industry chain enjoy high economic complementarity, strong business ties and closely-entwined interests. We used to work closely as an entity for the same purpose – feeding the world with sufficient, safe and healthy food. The destructive epidemic just reminds us again how intimately connected everyone really is. We are all in these and doing the same things together to keep the industry survive and alive: close operations to protect our people; keep in distance to lessen the impact of the virus; work at home; and overcome the inconvenience brought by strict protective measures to resume production and supply. 

In these few months, we have witnessed numerous sorrows, but also hope. Thanks to the painstaking efforts of the whole country and society, China has achieved major progress in containing the outbreak, and life and work is returning to normal at a faster pace. The rejuvenated China agri-food industry is starting to make its contribution to global stability in tackling food security challenges and maintaining supply.

In FAMSUN, we resumed operation in Feb. 10 soon after the extended Spring Festival and achieved good business performance in the first quarter despite the epidemic. The Group reported a jump in new order intake and moderate growth in sales revenue, driven by an increased order intake we had achieved in 2019, the recovery of China market from ASF and COVID-19, as well as the support of governments and the great synergy of our employees, customers and business partners.

Our international business saw a decline in new order due to the pandemic around the world. But good results were achieved in revenue and profit thanks to the improved management and good cost control. Our international shipment was increased by 66% on a year-on-year basis. Most of our customers’ projects are still under construction as planned with strict biosecurity measures in countries with less viral transmission. Commissioning work of the 360,000 tons feed mill project of Zhengbang Group in Myanmar, for example, was successfully completed on April 6.

The greatest achievement of FAMSUN in the first quarter is that we have all our employees safe and healthy in their positions at the offices, workshops and project construction sites in China and abroad. The safety and well-being of employees is always FAMSUN’s top priority.

Here, on behavior of FAMSUN International, I’d like to thank all our employees for your unity, high sense of organization discipline and dedication in this trying time. and I also want to thank all our customers and business partners for your valuable assistance, cooperation and support when we facing the challenges of the novel coronavirus in the past few months.

In view of current and long-term epidemic situation both in China and abroad, and as a responsible multinational company and a reliable technical partner, FAMSUN would like to reassure you that we will continue to take effective control measures to keep people safe, and continue to be here for you, your people and your business.

All our operations now are able to run in full capacity and we can guarantee our steady supply. Whilst we are unable to meet with you in person, we will continue to provide the customer and technical support you need via cloud service, videos, and other technologies to ensure that we continue to provide you with production support and troubleshooting services in your operations. and FAMSUN is also willing to mobilize all available resources to provide assistance and share experience in fighting COVID-19 and in resuming work with all of you.


Dear friends,

Global agri-food industry is a big community with a share future. We should stand together, help each other, and stabilize supply to ensure that the industry can continue to play its role of feeding the world, help prevent possible food crisis and become collectively stronger for the future.

FAMSUN is always here to support this community.

We look forward to seeing you via video links, and in person when life and business returns to normal.


Thank you and very best wishes,



Greg Liu

Director & President of FAMSUN International


April 20, 2020


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