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FAMSUN reports record high shipments in Feb despite the epidemic

Logistics Center is the place where FAMSUN’s hustle and bustle takes place every day, even during the Covid-19 outbreak. The agri-tech company announced on March 11 that it has achieved record high shipments in Feb despite the epidemic, with cargo containers for international shipping increased by 152% on a year-on-year basis.

The company said its order delivery is gradually returning to normal through about a month's resumption after the extended Spring Festival. "This progress came as a result of the increased order intake we had achieved in 2019 and the supports and coordinated efforts of local government, our logistics partners and our employees." A representative from FAMSUN Logistics Center said.


Facing increasing order delivery demands and the delay in delivery due to the extended holidays, "we do feel great pressure in timely order delivery at the beginning of resuming work." the representative said. Chinese logistics sector is hit hard during the epidemic. In order to ensure normal supply for the feed industry, the company started delivering important spare parts by air express on Feb.10. "The cost of air freight is pretty high, especially for international express," the representative said."But we must spare no effect to keep our commitments and support our customers in this special period."

Fortunately, the hard time is temporary. In order to stabilize the supply chain and industrial chain related to international trade, the central government and local governments have rolled out a series of measures to optimize business environment, promote the work resumption of logistics firms and support the core parts of the industrial chain and lead companies. The measures include enhanced financial support, flexible export credit insurance, lower service charges of ports, streamlined customs clearance, etc.

As an important participant and builder of local and global food security systems, FAMSUN has gotten great supports from the governments, foreign trade ports, logistics partners and downstream suppliers. “We have been guaranteed a ‘fully operational’ supply chain from the governments to resume production and green channels from the ports to smooth foreign trade,” the representative said. “Our long-term collaborative logistics partners, in addition, have promised us sufficient trucks, containers and ships to ensure that we can deliver orders timely.” Soon from Feb.15, the company started getting sustainable truck transport and sea freight support from its logistic partners - CHINA SAILING, KAITONG LOGISTICS and other international logistics firms.

Since transportation is no long the big problem, FAMSUN said it has the confident and ability to perform all delivery tasks in Q1 by the end of March. "We expect a year-on-year growth of 65% in international shipments in the first Quarter." the representative said. These machines will be shipped to 26 countries across five continents.

Describing the Covid-19 outbreak as a test of FAMSUN's supply capacity, the company said "Our production and logistics sectors show great resilience backed by a strong supply chain in China." 

Taking the advantages of China's new policy tools in supporting foreign trade, FAMSUN also said it has applied for a 21-day's exempting container detention charge at every destination port, so as to facilitate customs clearance for its customers during the epidemic. 

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, ensuring food supply is the most necessary. FAMSUN said it will strengthen the cooperation with its partners and suppliers, and mobilize all available resources to ensure its global supply of leading agri-food production solutions. “FAMSUN will always stand with the industry, and help our customers to provide strong food security support in their countries for winning the fight against the epidemic.” the company also emphasized.


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