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Muyang feed machines of various themes : grinding machine, mixing machine, extruder, pellet mill, sifting machine are available here. Fully posable with high quality and superb attention to detail works are guaranteed!

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FAMSUN feed processing systems are used by thousands of companies around the world to produce poultry & livestock and aqua feeds, pet food, premixes and concentrates. FAMSUN has so far designed and constructed over 3000 feed mills of different kinds throughout the world. 

Feed manufacturers know they will rely on not only the feed equipment but also the support that accompanies it. A service network combining local presence with global expertise lowers feed millers' operating costs and increases plant capacity utilization. FAMSUN’s point of departure is to provide complete and multi-disciplined supports from process design with the up-to-the-minute technology, unsurpassed machinery and plant control products up to excellent after-sales service, with an aim of producing the highest quality feed products and gaining more profit for the clients. That’s why FAMSUN has established a long-term strategic partnership with 18 feed companies out of the top 20 in China, and enjoys the same prestige worldwide.

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