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FAMSUN: Full resumption with a 'fully operational' supply chain

As the epidemic gradually slows down, agri-food supply chain in China regains its vitality. "Now we have a full resumption in production and operation," the Yangzhou-based, global agri-tech company FAMSUN told local television media on Wednesday.

Yangzhou Television Media makes a report at FAMSUN Headquarters

As an important participant and builder of local and global food security systems, FAMSUN's resumption weights a lot in the supply of processing machines and plants for global agri-food industry. The company told that it commenced operations on February 10. and since then, it had been given top priority from the governments to get full resumption, including green channels to help all its suppliers and partners, from raw material, machine parts to logistics and engineering, to resume their operations.

Greg Liu, Director and President of FAMSUN International accepts the interview

"We appreciate the governments' measures to help FAMSUN stabilize business and trade," Greg Liu, Director and President of FAMSUN International said.  

According to the company, China's market demand re-bounds quickly and its order backlog has increased to 3 billion RMB ended February.

"With a fully operational supply chain, we will spare no effort to keep our commitment to customers and partners." Greg added.

Workers assemble machines at FAMSUN workshops



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