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1.Account FAQs
2.Purchasing FAQs
3.Logistics FAQs
4.Service FAQs
5.Complaints FAQs

1.Account FAQs

(1) How to retrieve password
Currently support to retrieve password via registered mail and registered phone number. If you forget your password, click "forget password" on our homepage, then your information will be sent to your registered mail and registered phone number. If you forget one of each, please ask customer service for help.

(2) How to change password
Log onto Machineryshops home page, enter new password and old password for confirmation in member center.

(3) Are there any fees for Machineryshops registered users
No fees, suggest to registered as authenticated user which can enjoy quick order, coupons, promotion notifications, Member integral and other service

2. Purchasing FAQs

(1) Is Machineryshops regular sales channel?
Machineryshops positioning in build farming assembly equipment online trade platform, aims to be world's leading brands of agricultural e-commerce. Machineryshops is the online sales center of muyang products, besides muyang products, our other products comes from other world's leading brands factory outlets. All our products guarantee first-class quality, reliable quality and perfect after-sales services.

(2) Does Machineryshops have lower price?
Compared with traditional off-line sales channel, lower sales costs guarantee more competitive price.

(3) What products can be purchased from Machineryshops?
Now, you can purchase feed machinery, food machinery, biomass equipment, drying equipment and spare parts of Muyang and other brands from Machineryshops. New product categories are increasing.

(4) Is there any ring die fit for other pellet machine brands in Machineryshops?
Yes, you can find various ring dies which fit for majority pellet machine brands in Machineryshops. You must offer pellet machine model or ring die specifications. If you have no ideal about the model and specifications, we support visiting service for large scales customers. For details, please consult our customer service.

(5) Can I purchase without register?
For better service, we recommend you register as soon as possible You can also purchase our products by calling customer service hotline. Machineryshops customer service hotline is 400-870-6661.

(6) How to cancel order?
Visit Machineryshops, enter "my order "and cancel order yourself or call our service center for help.

(7) What are the product specifications? What about performance?
For detailed product specifications, please consult customer service hotline or visit our product detail page and leave messages. Professional staff will answer your questions.

(8) Does Machineryshops have mobile purchase channel?
Yes, besides Machineryshops website, users can follow our WeChat "Hemu Clouds" and purchase with mobile phone.

3. Logistics FAQs

(1 How long is the delivery time?
Machineryshops uses processing contract mode. We produce products after receiving customer orders. According to different products, if there has stock, products will be shipped immediately and pre-ordered products will be shipped within 5 to 60 working days which is indicated in the contract. Since our products are relatively specialized and personalized demands, most of our products need to order in advance.

(2) How to track Orders?
You can check order status by access member center, choose transaction management and enter order management

(3) How to deal with packaging damage or quality defects on receipt of products
If you find packaging damage or quality defects on receipt of products, please contact Machineryshops customer service at first time

4. After-sales service FAQs

(1) How to protect after-sales service quality
First of all, our products have strict, authoritative and comprehensive product or enterprise quality certifications, such as ISO9001, CE, SGS, Sira, TüV and so on. Our products have good quality, good performance, high yield, good durability, low failure rate and humanized operation. Besides, Machineryshops provide prefect service, all of our products enjoy warranty support and other value-added services, such as installation, installation supervision, commissioning, extended warranty and maintenance. Based on our advanced O2O localization service network, Machineryshops supports faster and more convenient localization technical services.

(2) Can I get service from Machineryshops when I purchase products not from Machineryshops?
Yes, but customers have to pay some fees. For more detail, please contact our customer service staff.

(3) Hotline and working time
Machineryshops free hotline: 400-870-6661, provides 7days x12 hours services now, 7 days x24 hours in the future.

5. Complains FAQs

(1) How to make complaints
You can call our service center 4008706661, complain to our service center staff, we will record your complaints information and give you feedback. In addition, you can access Machineryshops home page and make complaints online.

(2) When will you get feedback?
Within 48 working hours.



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