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Pig Farm Engineering

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  Pig Farm Engineering   

HuaLi Co., Ltd provides integrated service for customers including consulation,design, manufacturing, quality control, equipment delivery, training, project installation & commissioning. Customer will enjoy unique service at each step through out project.




■ Customized dsign
Years of designing experience and professional background will render you tailored solutions and technical supports.

■ Safe and qualified construction
Safe,punctual and high-quality project construction must be your great concern. It will be ensured by HUALI's managerial expertise and rich interaction construction experience, either for stand-alone machines or large-scale complete facilities.

■ Thorough and meticulous after-sales service
HUALI’s worldwide network will surely eliminate your worries by offering you fast and reliable after-salesservices in technical support, spare parts supply, personner training, timely communication and exchange of updated industrial information so as to cut down your maintenance cost and make you well adapted to the right trend.

Steel Structure House
Steel structure house is one of the best device for swine farm.The steel stucture is one very important part to good ventilation system  and swine growth. Huali Co.,ltd professional tailor solution for steel structure, includingbeam,purlin,truss,roof
sheet ,celling sheet ,and etc.




■ Fast fabrication and building.
■ Simpler foundation and lower cost of civil work.
■ Good for opening and fan installation.
■ More sealed and air prove.
■ Long durability and low cost.
■ Better result of ventilation
■ More availability, different structure for different requirement.

Penning System

Huali has a modern production line to ensure a high standard & precise manufacturing through sophisticated processes, we have a range of highly functional farrowing crates, gestation stalls and penning. Customization to your specifications is readily available.

Feed Conveying System


■ Minimizes feed loss.
■ Reduces labour cost and animal stress.
■ Provides individual feed requirements by volume.
■ Highest quality components to insure stability of operation and low maintenance.
■ Adaptability so that all concepts and designs can be catered for. 
Environmental Control System

The climate control is one of the most important part within a pig house, different climate requires different ventilation concept. Huali has a vast selection of equipment to provide an optimal solution for clients.

Using a unique and exclusive climate software, Huali can pinpoint the exact ventilation requirement for your specific farm location.

Manure Removal System


■ Low investment and fast return.
■ Cleaning and sanitation.
■ Simple operation and low maintenance cost.
■ Reasonable design leads to stability and safety operation.
■ High-strength frame design leads to durable and longevity of service.
■ The overall stainless steel or galvanized material has good corrosion resistance.

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