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Feed Conveying System

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Feed Conveying System  



■ Minimizes feed loss.
■ Reduces labour cost and animal stress.
■ Provides individual feed requirements by volume.
■ Highest quality components to insure stability of operation and low maintenance.
■ Adaptability so that all concepts and designs can be catered for. 

Chain & Disk Conveyor

Drive unit:
■ Transtecno from Italy.
■ Power: 1.5kw or 2.2kw.
■ Stainless steel (304) 2mm body.
■ Limit switch for double safety.
■ Transparent inspection panel for ease of monitoring. 

Silo Connector:
■ Option of 2mm Galvanized steel or 5mm Clear Plastic to         
observe low feed leave

Discharge Hopper & Multi Directional Hopper:
■ Option of single, double and multi-directional outlets.
■ All made with 1.5mm stainless steel.
■ With inspection window and side plate for feed flow                 

Chain Disk:
■ Disk: Nylon 66, φ=42.8mm,thk.=6mm                                      
■ Chain: Round steel 16Mn2 made,φ=5mm
■ Pitch: 70mm
■ Size: 35x5mm


■ Alloy or cast iron pulley.
■ 304 Stainless steel case with thickness 1.5mm.
■ NSK or SKF bearing.

Feed Dispenser

■ Individual feed dispenser with volumetric adjustment up to 7.5L
approx. 4Kg in 250g segments.

Manual & Automatic dispenser winch system

■ The system uses 5mm steel wire, pulleys and a 10Kg counter
-weight with a maximum loading of 550 Kgs.

Centerless Auger System

Drive unit
■ Motor from Transtecno Italy, modular design for ease of maintenance.
■ Power: 0.75kw.

Discharge Hopper
Available in single or double outlets both constructed with:
■ 1.5mm Stainless Steel.
■ Inspection window.
■ Slide plate.

135°Elbow Pipe
■ 135°Elbow pipe, Imported from Spain.
■ Easy to assemble. Sectional construction to give better resistance to wear and ease of maintenance.
"T" Feed Valve
■ Manual and Automatic feed valves.
■ Made of 100% Polypropyene with stainless steel fittings.
■ Available for 60,75 & 90mm augers.

Breeder (Female) Pan Feeding System                                   

Wet & Dry feeder:
■ Capacity:80 L, 100L or 140L.                                                    
■ Material as follow:
■ Hopper & cover: Plastic.
■ Pan: Stainless steel.
■ Drinker: Stainless steel.
■ Frame: Stainless steel or galvanized pipe

Feed Sensor:
■ Imported from USA or Germany.                                                 
■ Highly sensitive and stable.

Auger from South Africa:
■ World top brand
■ Material: High tensile steel     

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