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Electronic Sow Feeder(ESF)

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Electronic Sow Feeder(ESF)    

HUALI FEEDING STATION Applies new technologies in the farming sector permitting the control and management on an individual level with the animals even though they are in groups.HUALI FEED uses the electronic identification system RFID in order to identify each animal individually using an electronic tag. The electronic reader is compatible with different technologies that exist in the market (HDX and FDX-b) and it meets the standard regulations on electronic animal identifications systems (ISO 11784 and ISO 11785).


■ Solid and Robust Design                                               
■ Individual Animal Nutrition System
■ Automation Detection in Heat Period 
■ Easy to Access and Extract the Data
■ Easy to Learn and Operation





Weighing Crate
Specially designed for sorting machine, practical, high efficiency weighing method, to achieve the best dressing percentage.

Mobile Animal Scales

■ Optimal slaughtering revenues can only be achieved by weighing the animals individually.
■ The mobile scales for weighing animal individually have been specially developed for slaughtered pig sorting.
■ The focus is on a practical and efficient weighing process.
■ Lightweight aluminum construction.
■ Impact-resistant balance beams.
■ Flexible adjustment in and in front of the bay.
■ Determine optimal selling weight.
■ With a total width of just 58cm, the scales can be used even in narrow pig herding pens.
■ Easy cleaning thanks to its smooth surfaces and few edges.
■ The very low ramp height of just 7cm , the balance is easily accessed by the pigs.


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