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Environmental Control System

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Environmental Control System

The ventilation control system is  one of most important system for farm raising system. The reasonable design to meet local climate requirements,and advanced concept of Huali company leading to a unique solution for customers. Our ventilation system including  air inlet ,insulation door , fan, cooling pad , controller and etc.

Accurate  ventilation analysis is the premise of solution design. HuaLi Co.,Ltd design the ventilation system solution to meet local climate by using international advanced analysis  program.

Cooling Pad

Raw material:Sticking wave fiber paper. Anti corrosive, high strength, long sercice life after integrating some special chemical composition and post-processing, suppiying enough surface area for heat exchage of the water and Air Natural filter for purifying air.

Air inlet,Panel doors,&Heater

The complete ventilation control system is composed of different  parts, and the best ventilation effect can be realized only by the stable runing of each equipment. Including panel doors, air inlet , side wall curtain, cooling pad ,heater and etc.


Specially designed controller effective in integral control of temperature,suitable for all kinds of poultry.

Control scope:drinking,feeding,manure removing,fan,cooling pad,air inlet, rolling curtain,spraying device,heating decice,light modulator and alarm system etc.

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