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Nipple Drinking System

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Nipple Drinking System 

The nipple drinking water system consists of a water  front kit, a drinking water pipe, a drinking nipple, a water receiving cup, a regulating valve, a lifting system, and a sun protection system.


Size of square pipe :22x22mm

Broiler:10-12 birds

Breeder :8-10 birds

360 degree water supply


Space for nipple:0.25m or 0.2m


High machining accuracy  with good closeness.

Made of pure raw material,antioxidants added.
Accurate adjustment for regulator.

Good tightness,high accuracy

Nipple drinking water system is a relatively popular and ideal drinking water equipment in the farm.The fully sealed water line ensures the fresh and clean water supply, effectively prevents the leakage of drinking water, helps the air in the house to dry, reduces the ammonia and mold reproduction, improves the environment inside the house, and eliminates external pollution to reduce the incidence of disease.

Accurate adjustment for regulator

The regulator has two modes of water discharge: single outlet and double outlet.

Easy operation, installation and maintenance.

The regulator has reliable and special structure design and long service life.

Adjust the water pressure exactly according to the drinking water demand.


Product Features

The nipple shell made of high-quality engineering plastics,The valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is anti-corrosion, anti-rust,and has a service life more than ten years.

The double-layer sealing structure effectively avoids the waste of water and the influence on the humidity of the environment.

The valve stem freely at 360 degrees to meet bird the water needs of chickens of different periods.

The nipple water flow can range from 60cc/min-120cc/min, to adjust different type of chickens.


Product Features

Dosing water and medicine soluble, automatically to prevent the disease.

By using water pressure as power source instead of electricity, it is economical and reliable.

Regulate precisely the amount of additive and water ratio.

Easy and convenient operation, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Automatic  sterilizing drinking system

Automatic sterilizing drinking-line cleaner

The cleaner machine is a special equipment researched and developed for the purpose to full -automatically cleaning and sterilizing the biological membrane ,drug residue,bacterial virus and the like within the drinking  line of the poultry .

Advantage description

Low cost

Automatic generating ozone and oxidizing dirt on the pipe wall for sterilization ,it has special effect on escherichia  coli and salmonella with  the sterilization rate 99.99%.

Impulse operation  contributes to good flushing effect .

Complete  one-key program  of operation ,flushing and disinfection .

The flushing operation is quick and labor -saving .

Oxidizing organic matters and biological membrane so as to crush them .

It can automatically resolve ozone to oxygen and oxygen molecules ,without  any residue and harm ,serving while poultry are drinking on site .

Due to energy -savig and environment -friendly ,no chemical agentsneed to add .

Control system of automatic sterilization and cleaning of drinking line

The control system is  specially  researched and developed for poultry feeder who have to  waste time and energy  to clean the drinking  line ,which can help  to achieve best results when used together with automatic cleaning machine for sterilization of drinking  line .It greatly  reduced clearning time and labor cost .

Advantage description 

Friendly human-machine interface,touch screen, easy operation.

Saving the time of dismounting and assembling pipelines with the drinking lines, by which the manpower and time cost are greatly saved.

Automatic flushing, one-time setting, for no aftercare.

With complete functions, the customer selects the washing mode by themselves.

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