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Broiler Cage System (Feed pan type)

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Broiler Cage System (Feed pan type)



Advanced designing concept of  environmental control system meets local climate requirements. 

The controller is easy to operate leading to a high degree of automation.

Reasonable grille design of feed pan can effectively reduce the waste of feed and avoid the death caused by cage stucking.

Auger imported from South Africa ,  effectively reduces the pellet  feed breaking.

Automatic  chicken move-out  system to reduce labor cost.

Manure belt  with disalignment device.

Double scraping  manure unit.

The key components are of international well-know brands leading to stably runing.

Advanced automatic operation system ,saving labor cost .Unmanned management of environmental control system  leading to safety and stability.

Advantage Description

Pull and push type of slat constructure is more convenient for chicken move-out .

High rate of manure passing through, clean and dry for floor surface, providing a comfortable and clean space for chicken, reduce the infection rate of  chicken feet disease.

Open structure, easy to install and disassemble.

High tensile modified plastic material, soft tensile strength and high corrosion resistance and longevity.

The tail end has a  deflecting device and a anti-deflecting plate of the manure belt ,effectively prevent from the manure belt off-center.

Polyurethane scraping unit,less damage to the manure belt.

The main transmission part is  45 steel through quenching treatment, high wear resistance.

Feed Pan


Feed capacity : 55-60 birds/pan    
Diameter:    355mm
Center height :220mm
Grilles: 18 grilles


Meeting requirement of the day-old chick feeding (height :45mm ), preventing the chicken from gathering in the pan dish and feed contamination.
Tubular structure prevents chicken entry and avoid feed waste (leakage).
Flat head design  for easy  up and down.(lifting range 0-240mm)

Automatic  Moving-out  Chicken System

Transit move-out chicken system


Special PVC conveyor belt with fiber layer, featured by low shrinkage and high wear- resistance, is less affected by the climate.
Towing roller is adopted for low friction and few damage to the belt.
Low ratio of broken chicken wing due to no gap between transition joints.
High-quality winch model 1500 is featured by smooth transmission, Flexible Hand-crank .
Φ8mm steel wire and 45 steel pulley  leading to safety and durability
Move-out chicken system

Move-out chicken system


The screw thread of lifting system is self-locking, and the moving -out chicken device is sufficiently safe without any falling risks.
With limit switch at  extreme position ,system can be operated more safely .
Special PVC conveyor belt with fiber layer, featured by low shrinkage and high wear- resistance, is less affected by the climate.
Chicken moveing-out speed:6000-8000 birds/hour.
Power: 2.2kw ,IP55

Chicken-catching round plate


Ergonomic structure design is comfortable to catch chicken.
The round plate has such large space that chicken are not stacked together and have low ratio of broken chicken wing.
If the system adopts mesh structure type, it is easy to rinse and didn't have residual manure.
Stainless steel fixed sheet is safe and sturdy.
The Round plate diameter:2m/3m.
Chicken moving-out speed:6000-8000 birds/hour.
Power: 0.75kw ,IP55

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