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“A”Type Layer Cage System

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“A”Type Layer Cage System

HuaLi Co.,Ltd professionally tailors solutions for“A”type layer cage system, including auto-feeding system,auto-drinking system and auto-manure removal system,ventilation and control system.



Reasonable design of bottom screen, lower egg breaking rate.

The feed trolley has a feeding balancing device to ensure uniform feeding.

Reasonable cage height design between two tiers leading to good ventilation ,lighting and preventing from disease infection .

Egg collector and conveying belt with guiding device to effectively reduce the egg breaking rate.

Scraper for cleaning manure with long service life.

Cleaning and easy maintenance for scraper.

The key components are of international well-know brands leading to stably runing.

Advanced automatic operation system, saving labor cost .Unmanned management of environmental control system  leading to safety and stability.

9LDT-3150 layer cage system
9LDT-4200 layer cage system

Advantage Description

Reasonable height design between two tiers leading to good ventilation ,lighting and preventing from disease infection .

Relatively large area for single chicken,which is  good for ventilation and effectively reduce the disease  for chicken .

“A”type layer cage,easy operation and  labor saving.

Made of galvanizing material, strong and durable. 

Feed trolley

Hot galvanizing material, high corrosion resistance.

Thickness :1.2mm

Hopper volume: 50-80 kg

With limit switch at both end

Driving wheels made of casted iron for long service life.

Auto egg collecting process
Egg conveyor belt → Egg separator → Automatic egg collector → Egg collecting table → Lifting device for egg collecting → Egg storage room

Product features
With resetting device for conveyor belt , it will improve service life of belt

The central egg collecting system can realize the turning and lifting of eggs collection, also the convenice of collecting eggs as well as avoid eggs collection problem resulting from customers' sites

Other parts

Made of galvanizing steel frame and support ,high corrosion resistance.

Egg conveyor belt with high quality.

With steel wire support to the bottom net to make the bottom strong and flexible enough.

Reasonable cage design leading to strong and longevity.

Typical Layer Project

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