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Automatic Packaging Line for Powdered Food Production

The packaged food industry is constantly growing and evolving. Due to the continuous expansion of this market, new packaging solutions are always in demand.

A new automatic packaging line recently has been introduced to Muyang food packaging solutions for the productions of baby foods and consumer favorites such as milk powder, instant coffee, nutritional rice powder, egg protein powder, dry soups, diet soft drink mixes etc.
Target growing demands in emerging markets

Rapid urbanization, rising disposable incomes and the growth of modern retail outlets led to increasing interest in instant foods and drinks among consumers of emerging markets. Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of balanced nutrition for their babies. And working people use instants for convenience and save time. In addition, as an increasing number of women join the workforce, demand for instants is on the rise. All of this is expected to help drive the industrial production of instants foods and drinks in the markets worldwide.

The competitiveness of packaging technology is determined by food safety, health, sustainable packaging, convenience and productivity. "Our new automatic packaging line can bring such competitiveness to producers in aspects of processing technology and equipment." said Muyang when introducing the new product, "It can produce dried food mixes in a safe, flexible and efficiency way. With capacities up to 100 bags/h and packages ranging from 100g to 2000g, the packaging line is capable to satisfy most demands of small- and medium- processors in the growth markets of China, India and other emerging countries. "

Processing highlights

More and more, the food processing industry will be put under growing pressure to enforce Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and so on.

Fitted with advanced technology and equipment and strictly designed following the newest food industry regulations and requirements, Muyang's new automatic packaging line allows processors to gain sanitary and high quality products easily.

By integrating a dust-free dumping station, a pneumatic vacuum feeder, a mixer, an elevator, a filler, a wrapper, a planar belt conveyor and the automatic control system, the new automatic packaging line is proven to be a compact, accurate and efficient execution.

The application of pneumatic vacuum feeder contributes to smooth conveying, ensuring no residues and no contaminations. The Muyang patented double-circle paddle mixer is equipped to achieve efficient and high homogenetity mixing. In addition, all parts in contact with food on the line are made of hygiene standard stainless steel, which further improves sanitation standard of production.

For the wrapper, an automatic brake system is specially designed to prevent roll film contamination, and the suspended vacuum stretching film technology is applied to prevent package failure caused by slipperiness, helping reduce waste of materials and save cost for producers.

With the closed-loop automatic control system, the operator can track every running status of the feed machines. Alarm system will be switched on or the error will be automatically fixed in case of production failure.

All the above configuration and characteristics help to ensure the consistency of dried powder packages in weight and in quality while reducing waste and saving cost.

Furthermore, its wide adaptability to powders of different ingredients and particle sizes allows manufacturers to change formulas and introduce variants of their existing offerings to attract consumers by offering products that meet local tastes and preferences.


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