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Muyang Jin Xing drying tower—continuous drying tower

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Muyang Jin Xing drying tower—continuous drying tower

The tower is designed with combined advantages of China tower. It features air inflow in middle with counter&down-flow positive pressure drying, double grain column multi-circle angle box staggered structure. Main superiorities: (1) semi-fabricated steel structures, stable structure and beautiful appearance; (2) with comparatively higher air temperature, large water discharging, low energy consumption; (3) with multi-stage down-flow and counter-flow drying and large tempering rate , ensure after-drying quality; (4) According to requirements, the gas chamber or dust removal device can be set to reduce dust emissions; (5) In the alpine region, for high moisture grain, water discharge can be completed at one time; (6) the tower wide application range, can dry a variety of corn, rice, soybeans and other grain and oil crops.

Muyang Jin Xing drying tower features

Newly-styled counterflow and downflow drying tower(multi-level tempering drying)

Muyang unique ventilation channel and 6-8 grade downflow and 3-4 grade counterflow drying technology, drying steps and the number of ventilation channel are far more than those of traditional downflow and counterflow drying tower. Therefore, the discharge of water is moderate and quality and water content of dried grain are more even.

(1) The grain to be dried is with high moisture and low temperature, so downflow drying process is required. Since the grain with low temperature first meets high temperature medium and while grain temperature goes up rapidly, medium temperature declines fast, the duration of grain at high temperature processing stage is short, ensuring ensure grain no thermal denaturation.

(2) After the grain is processed by downflow drying, grain temperature has gradually increased to the permitted range and grain moisture has reached a low content level. At this time, grain needs to be processed by downflow drying at low drying rate. Thus, then counterflow drying is used, that is, high temperature medium first contacts grain with high temperature and low moisture content. The grain move upwards with the drying medium, good for hot humidity exchange between hot air and grain, therefore guaranteeing the quality of the dried grain.


Shandong. Meijing rice industry Co., Ltd.(200T/D paddy rice)
Anhui China Sea Oil Co., Ltd. (500T/D corn, paddy)

Anhui Daguangyu Farm LuoLuo Rice Co.,Ltd. (2*200T/D paddy rice)
Jilin Meihekou alcohol Co. (1500T/D corn)

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