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Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower -- continuous drying tower

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Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower -- continuous drying tower

The tower is introduced world's leading technology, mixed-flow vacuum drying. Internal drying layer composed of angular box staggering up. Main superiorities: (1) fully galvanized fabricated steel structure, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance; (2) hot air and food vacuum heat exchange, conducive to water discharge and energy saving; (3) Large amount of cold air at low temperature and multi-level tempering drying, beneficial to good drying quality; (4) patented dust removal device is equipped along ventilation side, ensure dust emissions standards; (5) a wide variety of grain drying, drying both commodity grain and seed grain; (6) The tower is mainly applicable for grain drying in the south and overseas temperate and tropical regions.

Six superiorities of Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower

1. advanced drying technology leading industry
Low-temperature hot air drying, multi-level mixed drying, multi-level tempering drying and counterflow cooling and drying technology

2. Patented technology for control of material discharge, no residue
Patented discharge mechanism realizes stable and uniform discharge, without residue and dispensing with cleaning and can control and adjust the cereal discharge amount.

3. Indirect heating ensuring drying quality
Indirectly heat the drying medium and ensures the quality of dried material

4. Unique waste gas and dust collection system
Unique dust collection system enables the waste gas discharge to reach the environment protection requirements and improve workers’ working environment

5. Drying tower made of galvanized sheet
corrosion resistance, causing no pollution to grains, fully assembled, overall strong, beautiful appearance and easy to install

6 Perfect digital control technology
Perfect PLC screen control technology with friendly man-machine conversation, convenient and safe operation.

Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower design advantages:

1 modularity, standardization, serialization, accurate connecting;
2 fully assembled, overall strong, beautiful appearance, easy to install;
3 galvanized sheet production, resistance to corrosion, no pollution to food;
4 Intuitive product design, considerate repairment, commissioning and cleaning

Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower specifications and technical parameters















Suited material

Rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, rapeseed, etc.

range of moisture released


Heating medium

Clean air

Heat source for selection

□oil fired furnace□rice husk furnace□coal-fired furnace□natural gas□steam system□others

Installed capacity

Depending on the environmental conditions, precipitation rate and the configuration

Insulation conditions

≥10℃,no heat preservation;≤10℃,external insulation


BangladeshThe Aristocrat Agri Ltd. (1000T/D paddy rice)
Anhui Chuzhou China Grain Entreport Storage (300T/D paddy rice)

COFCO East sea grain and oil industry (2*2000T/D soybean)
Xinjiang E River feed Co., Ltd.(500T/D corn)

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