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Silo Success Stories

Muyang has over 40 years of silo experience and engineering expertise, specializing in material storage technology research and development, design, installation and service of storage products. Muyang occupies nearly 40% market share in China and 65% of total China export in silo industry. Muyang is by far the most comprehensive provider in Asia with the largest storage capacity, scale, silo numbers and single silo capacity.


Customers praise

"The construction of Qingdao Xing Hua Grain silo project has now been completed successfully and it has been properly put to use, thanks to your company. ... very good performance, our top leaders speak highly acclaimed and praised. .. Not only improve the overall progress of the construction, for the Division I win the production time, but also benefit for the Muyang Group, establishment of a good corporate image. Hopes to cooperate again! "

—Qingdao Xing Hua Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd 2013-5-24

"First of all, I thank to the staff of your company in construction site dedicated to working. ... Its engineering and construction operations coordination capacity worth our learning. During the construction, instructors’ professionalism left me a deep impression. Adore your company for the advanced management concepts and so many talents! It lays a foundation for our further mutual long-term cooperation!"

— Xinjiang Ehe Animal Husbandry Co.,Ltd. 2013-7-14

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