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Customer pick up

1、What is customer pick up?
2、How to inform customer of the place and time of pick up?
3、What is the deadline of pick up?

1、What is customer pick up?

Customer pick up is another receiving method Machineryshops provides, customer can choose pick up at logistics point or warehouse of Machineryshops.

If you choose pick up from logistics point, on behalf of client Machineryshops will entrust logistic company to ship goods to logistics point of the city, where customer lives in. Consignee of customer can come to pick up when he is notified by logistics companies. Customer can entrust Machineryshops to pay the freight or pay it when pick up.

If you choose pick up at warehouse of mall, you will be informed to pick up when ordered product is ready. The contract agreed consignee can pick up at warehouse with valid document and contract.

2、How to inform customer about the place and time of pick up?

Seven days before the ordered product is to be shipped, Machineryshops will inform customer to pick up goods and notify the place through website, phone, text message or e-mail.

3、What is the deadline of pick up?

Deadline of pick up at logistic point is decided by logistics companies, generally free storage period is very short, customers can consult logistics companies about details. Deadline of Machineryshops warehouse is 30 days. Within the valid period, Machineryshops can freely keep goods for customers. Out of validity, we will charge storage cost as appropriate.


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