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Mall delivery

1、How does the mall deliver products?
2、How to solve if there is problem on receipt of products?

1、How does the mall deliver products?

Because the products in Machineryshops are special, we arrange professional logistics to distribute purchasing goods for customers, which ensure the transportation safe and reliable. After shipping, the order status on website will automatically be updated to "be receiving". We will notify customers about the delivery through website, phone, text message or e-mail, please wait for receiving.

2、How to solve if there is problem when you receive products?

If there is package damaged, obvious collison in products, or inconsistency of model between product and contract on receipt of products, please call 400-870-6661 first time, or through website inform online customer service about the situation. If necessary, we will require customer to provide the product photos. Machineryshops will help to solve any problems as fast as possible.



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