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Delivery cycle

1、Why there is delivery cycle?
2、Why there exists difference in delivery cycle among different products?
3、How to know the delivery cycle of the product?

1、Why there is delivery period?

Most products in Machineryshops feature various models, high unit price, majority specific customized and large differences in customer demand. Thus, it is impossible to prepare inventory in advance for all products. Receiving order from customer, Machineryshops should pass the order to production link and factory needs to purchase spare parts, manufacture, test, make professional delivery etc. All these phases need time, so the delivery cycle is unavoidable. We hope that customers can place order in advance as early as possible when scheduling purchase plan.

2、Why there is difference in delivery cycle among different products?

Usually, product with stock available can be arranged to distribute or notify customer to pick up in three working days after payment. According to the product technical complexity, the delivery cycle ranges from 25 to 60 days. Under normal circumstances, most products in Machineryshops need booking in advance.

3、How to know the delivery cycle of products?

There is preliminary information of delivery cycle in product detail page, and the contract generated after order will contain the final confirmed information of delivery cycle. Customers can view and download the contract after it is reviewed by Machineryshops.


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