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About Us

Machineryshops is the world's leading one-stop e-commerce trading platform of agricultural and pastoral assembly products, With “online sales plus offline service" innovation O2O e-commerce mode, Machineryshops carefully selects industry leading brands farming equipment products for customers at the most competitive online sales prices and provides customers with caring and perfect global offline after-sales services.

All the products sold in Machineryshops have passed rigorous audit and certification, and are supplied directly by factories in first-class quality, perfect after-sales service and verified successful by lots of customers in farming industry. Machineryshops is currently selling machinery of feed, food, biomass, grain drying, bulk feed trucks, farm machinery, assembly silo and other agricultural production and livestock farming machinery and equipment and related spare parts, as well as raw materials other related products used during farming production. Product categories continue to expand.

In addition to conventional after-sales services, Machineryshops provides whole plant planning, production design, equipment installation, installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance, consulting, training and other services for customers for their flexible options. Machineryshops localized service network covering the whole world meet global customers’ needs of full range of services to free them from any worries.

Machineryshops core advantages:
Variety: a wide variety of goods, a wide range of price points from high to low, like you think, prepare what you need, catch-all industry products, all down to personal taste

Fast: online sales year-round no closing, at your fingertips,always ready to serve you with product rapid supply and delivery

Good: all are quality goods supplied straightly by manufacturers, mainstream big brand, higher quality guarantee, more intimate global local-based services

Economical: all the intermediate steps and invalid costs are eliminated, helping you actually cost less

In Machineryshops industry pioneering "online sales and offline service" O2O pattern, strong offline localization service capability is Machineryshops core competitiveness different from other industry companies. Machineryshops service network covers more than 80 countries and regions all over the world and has the largest number and strongest localization service team. Consider and concern for clients is the service concept of Machineryshops. Machineryshops is for days providing customers with solution design, equipment installation, technical guidance, commissioning, warranty maintenance, training and other all-round localization services. Machineryshops serves over tens of thousand customers each year.


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