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Steel Structure Engineering

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Muyang Steel Structure has been committed to spearheading development of steel structure technology with consistent technical innovation and meticulous product management. Muyang steel structure projects in China and exported to USA, Japan, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.


Muyang steel structure Solution

Muyang steel structure is the world's well-known large manufacturer of steel structure with top contracting qualifications and passes the IS09001 quality system certification. Muyang steel structure provides for many global customers with industrial plants, multi-level residential, public buildings, large-span steel structure, bridge tunnel steel, oil steel, shipbuilding steel and marine power, transportation and other special steel design, fabrication and installation services.
The company has three major steel production base, with more than 500 sets of foreign advanced mechanical processing equipment, more than fifty pieces of steel structures production and maintenance lines, production capacity up to 180,000 tons, Muyang providing full service of design, production and construction.
The main products of Muyang steel structure include: H beam, steel truss, box beams, box columns, lattice columns, pipe trusses, columns and other steel structure construction with cross products, and transportation projects such as tunnels, subway engineering steel, sheet steel and other special steel products.

According to customer solutions demand for various types of steel structures, Muyang can provide a variety of steel structure solutions:
steel public buildings
multilayer steel structure construction
high-rise steel buildings
heavy-duty steel construction
lightweight steel construction
Traffic specialty steel (eg steel form, etc.)…..
1. Steel Public Buildings
Airports, exhibition centers, sports stadiums and other large-span space-based truss, truss building, structure complex and large span, unique appearance, with pipe truss, square truss, steel truss for the main structure.

 Huaian civilian airport terminal:The “11th five-year” national key construction project,Steel structure quality award of Jiangsu Province


2.Multilayer steel structure construction

CJ Liaocheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. --- Korea CJ Group's largest production base of amino acids investment in China

3.High-rise steel buildings
Mainly steel, steel plate welded into components, and then bolted, welded structural system. Common steel form, steel form, concrete core wall, steel plate shear wall structure. Used in high-grade office buildings, high-rise industrial plants, commercial buildings, residential, significantly reducing building its own weight and construction costs.
Shanghai Maritime Research Building project

4.Heavy-duty steel structure construction

Used in large industrial plants, structures, heavy-duty H-beam, box girder, steel / steel lattice columns as the main structure.

China CSC Group Qingshan Shipyard: Building area of 110000 square meters, the girder vehicle tonnage up to 150 tons, gaining Jiangsu Province steel structure quality project award


5.Light steel structure construction

Widely used in all kinds of light industrial plants, storage room, supermarket, etc., to forming, welding H-beam as the main structure, providing a large span of space.

 Hunan Geely Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Factory: Geely Holding Midwest first production base, roof: Corner Chi Ⅲ 760 type; wall plate: 820

6.Transportation special steel structure

Design, production of special steel of traffic engineering widely used in subway, tunnel engineering steel, steel sheet, hanging basket, trolley and so on.

Muyang steel structure solutions are widely used in many countries throughout the world and has undertaken and completed more than a thousand projects such as Huaian Lianshui airport terminal, Yancheng Jianhu Sports Centre, Turkish KENTALABALIK company's main plant, C & J TOYOTA Philippine company's main plant, Sudan Oubaiyide State Second Power Plant, Shanghai Maritime Research Building, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Wuxi East Station # 1 canopy, China Changjiang National Shipping Group Qingshan Shipyard workshops, Zhenjiang heavy pieces boat docks, Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., Sichuan logistics warehouse distribution center, as well as the Tokyo subway, Sendai high speed railway, metro, subway, Changsha, Kunming subway tunnel steel and steel sheet and dozens of works are issued by the Government authorities steel quality Engineering Award, Muyang steel international class technology and product quality, improving quality services obtain highly praise ofcustomers around the world.

" Two project managers, Kouzhong Tang, Zhang Lei are strict with all the work after stationing in Jiangsu Aerospace Hydraulic project site. From the initial project begin, they strive to do everything and every job well and all the things are recorded, implement work at all levels. So far, there has no quality and safety incidents, as a whole provide a strong guarantee.
Since year 2012, due to the old plant relocation fulfilled at the same time, the project works progress becomes tight, as well as multi-unit cross construction, Muyang always finds ways in order not to delay the progress of other construction units. Therefore, Muyang has obtained praise from many fraternal company. "

                 ──── Jiangsu Aerospace Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd.

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