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Drying engineering solutions

Muyang drying technology is derived from 1999, and won honorary title such as the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and China Innovative Products. Muyang drying equipments are sold well to China, Ukraine, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Congo, Mozambique, Angola and other countries and regions. Muyang successfully undertook drying construction projects of strategic grain reserve for grain reserve depot, transit store of China provinces and China's grain storage management corporation. Muyang is gradually becoming the world's leading grain drying engineering service providers.

Muyang drying engineering provides all-round value-added services

(1) Consultative full services from planning, civil engineering, technology, manufacturing, installation and training;

(2) Preservation drying of corn, rice, wheat, soybean, peanut to low temperature drying of seeds;

(3) From harvest agricultural machinery, wet grain cleaning, transportation, bin before(after) drying, automation and control systems to dust settling system.

Main equipment of Muyang drying engineering

1. Large continuous drying tower

(1) Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower

Main superiorities:


(1) fully galvanized fabricated structure, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance;

(2) hot air and grain negative pressure heat exchange, conducive to water removal and energy saving;

(3) large amount of cold air with low temperature, multi-stage tempering, beneficial to good quality drying;

(4) patented dust removal device is equipped along ventilation side, ensure dust emissions standards;

(5) a wide variety of grain drying, drying both commodity grain and seed grain ;

(6) The tower is mainly applicable for grain drying in the south and overseas temperate and tropical regions.


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(2)Muyang Jin Xing drying tower

Main superiorities:

(1) semi-fabricated steel structures, stable structure and beautiful appearance;

(2) with comparatively higher air temperature, large water discharging, low energy consumption;

(3) with multi-stage down-flow and counter-flow drying and large tempering rate , ensure after-drying quality;

(4) According to requirements, the gas chamber or dust removal device can be set to reduce dust emissions;

(5) In the alpine region, for high moisture grain, water discharge can be completed at one time;

(6) the tower wide application range, can dry a variety of corn, rice, soybeans and other grain and oil crops.


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2. small-sized low-temperature circular dryer

Five superiorities of circular dryer:
1, large drying layer, improving the drying rate, shortening working hours;
2, unique discharging device, more efficient cost saving;
3, thick lateral plate, long service life;
4, special fan design, solving the drying dead corner;
5, detailed fan design, reducing the replacement number of equipment.

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3. Ancillary Equipment

Muyang has perfect system service capability to provide customers with higher quality, more comprehensive services. We do everything possible to make customers no worry and rest assured.

(1)equipped with bin before drying and bin after drying

Assembly steel silo
Spiral silo
Insulation silo

(2)equipped with conveyor cleaner and dust removal device

Including TDTG series bucket elevator, TDSG series belt conveyor, TDSQ air cushion-belt conveyer, Aspirating separator, TGSS Series Drag Conveyor, Muyang spiral conveying delivery machine etc.


With high-quality equipment, perfect solution, full service, above drying solutions are widely used at home and abroad, the main customers such as: Aristocrat Agri Ltd of Bangladesh, Pakistan sheikhupura, East China Sea Oil Industry Co., Beijing Hui Fu oil Co., Shandong Addison Oil Co., Ltd., Daqing Borun biochemical Company, Luoyang Chia Tai Co., Chuzhou National Grain Entrepot Storage, Xinjiang E River feed Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Nature Bio Co., Shandong. Meijing rice industry Co., Ltd., Anhui China Sea Oil Co., Ltd., Jilin Meihekou alcohol Co., Jiangsu Taicang Grain Bureau, Fujian Shaowu of China Grain Reserves Corporation.

Some customers of Muyang Jin Qiu drying tower

Bangladesh The Aristocrat Agri Ltd. (1000T/D paddy rice)
COFCO East sea grain and oil industry (2*2000T/D soybean)

Some customers of Muyang Jin Xing drying tower

Shandong. Meijing rice industry Co., Ltd.(200T/D paddy rice)
Anhui Daguangyu Farm LuoLuo Rice Co.,Ltd. (2*200T/D paddy rice)

Some customers of small-sized low-temperature recirculation dryer

Pakistan sheikhupura(3 sets 30T) Anhui Grain Modern Logistics Park(600T/D, 10set 30T)