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Floor Raising Feeding System

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Floor Raising Feeding System

Consist of following system:

Hopper Drive unitImported feed sensor
Feed pan
Delivery system
Winch system
Hanging system


The pan dish is disassembled ,easy for clearning.

Reasonable design  of pan , without water accumulation.

The amount of discharging can be adjusted.

Imported feed sensor,long service life.

Broiler pan feeding system

Broiler feeding system is consist of

Auger (Import from South Africa)
Broiler feed pan
Imported feed sensor 
Drive motor
Delivery system
Hanging system

Drive unit

Transtecno from Italy, Motor and reducer separate design, easy for maintenance.

Power:0.75kw, 380v, 50Hz/60Hz

Feed sensor

High stability and long service life.
New active temperature compensation mechanism, maintain 100% temperature stability.
Equipped with a variety of new filtering function, anti electromagnetic interference.
Independent indicator light, convenient troubleshooting.

Auger from South Africa

World top brand :Technical System

Material: High manganese carbon steel

Broiler feed pan

The pan dish is disassembled ,easy for clearning.Smooth pan edge avoid hurting bird crop, providing them safe and comfortable feeding experience. 

Diameter: φ330 mm

Material: PP raw material, antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet agent added, long lifepan.

Number of grill: 14 grilles. 

Feeding capacity: 40-50 birds/pan

Breeder (male) feeding system

Breeder feed pan

Diameter: φ360 mm

Material: PP raw material, antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet agent added, long lifepan. 

Number of grill: 5 grilles. 

Feeding capacity:8-9 birds/pan

Breeder (Female) Chain Feeding System

Drive unit 

Motor and reducer  separate design,easy maintenance
High efficiency motor, F class insulation, IP55


Corner  and rail treated  by special hardening, wear-resisting.
With oil free alloy bearing, long service life.

The material of the trough is wearable and rustproof.


44mm width restricted grille is used to distinguish the male and female feeds.

Trough  made of galvanized steel

Support for trough

The support leg and connection part is elevating type ,easy to adjusting the height and  meet demand for different growing phase.

The leg of trough adopts spray-paint  processing,more suitable for the  environment of poultry house.

Breeder (Female) Pan Feeding System

Breeder feeding system is consist of

Driver system
Female feed pan
Chain disc
Delivery system
Winch system
Hanging system

High-strength chain  disc

Specially processed chain disc , wear-resistant

With high tensile force, less extension.

Unique composite material plate, good resistance of wear.

Double face lock style for chain and plate joints, to ensure no broken, stable structure for long time running.

Female breeder feed pan

Spec: φ360mm;16 grilles

Material: PP

Cap : average of 12.5 birds/ pan

Width : 40mm~52mm ,easier and more convenient to adjust by knob

Height : 70mm,80mm,90mm ,three step

Divided into 12 stalls to meet the feeding requirements of chickens in different period.

Suspension structure design, easy to wash and disassemble.

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