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Broiler Floor Raising System

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Broiler Floor Raising System

HuaLi Co.,Ltd professionally tailors solutions for Broiler floor raising system, including steel structure house, auto-feeding system and auto-drinking system,ventilation and control system.



Advanced designing concept of  environmental control system meets local climate requirements. 

The controller is easy to operate leading to a high degree of automation.

Reasonable grille design  of feed pan can effectively reduce the waste of feed and avoid the death caused by cage stucking.

The key components are of international well-know brands leading to stably runing.

Auger imported from South Africa ,  effectively reduces the pellet feed breaking.

Auto- feeding System

The professional design of HuaLi Co.,Ltd auto-feeding system leads easy operation and labor saving for customers.

New Broiler Feed Pan

Broiler feed pan has 6 feed level,adjustable either manually or automatically.

Auto- drinking System 

It is clean and sanitary to meet bird water requirement of different period.The nipple shell is made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Stem rotating freely at 360 degree

Flow can range from 60cc/min-120cc/min

Typical Project 

200,000 birds floor broiler raising project in China is one of turnkey projects was built by 
HuaLi Co.,Ltd. This project totally 10 buildings , each with 20,000 birds, including auto-feeding system,auto-drinking system , ventilation system and etc.

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